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Accomodations and Housing

Accommodations and Housing can be booked through the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau. To consider one of the 11,500 hotel rooms in the Greater Philadelphia area, click here.

Contractor Services

Our job is to make working here easy! Through streamlined work rules and hands-on labor management, we are your partner and resource to insure you and your customers are managed professionally from pre-event planning, to on-site execution through post-show billing and reconciliation. ASM Global holds the highest industry service standards and we look forward to working with you.

Click Here to access Contractor Services documents

Our team will:

  • Speak directly with you and your customers to explain and define the work rules at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
  • Work on your behalf to manage the labor force.
  • Handle any jurisdictional or work-rule issues should they arise.
  • Manage any misunderstandings professionally, away from you and your customers.
  • Evaluate billing accuracy, post-event, for organizers and exhibitors.

ASM Contractor Services at the Convention Center is responsible for all aspects of labor management. Elliott-Lewis is no longer actively engaged in labor management, but ASM will continue using Elliott-Lewis in an administrative support function only. In this way, ASM retains historical data that will ensure a smooth transition and help to ensure the future success of our Contractor Services.

We are here to assist you in producing a memorable and successful event. Please contact 215-418-4900 or by fax at 215-418-4875. 

Electrical, Plumbing and Compressed Air

For electrical, plumbing and compressed air services click here for online ordering or contact PCC/ASM Exhibitor Services at 215-418-2190 or email.

Event Services

Our reputation as a first-class facility is dependent upon outstanding coordination, collaboration and execution of all events regardless of size.  Customers depend on our team and see us an extension of their staff.  We will work with our customer and guide them through the entire planning process in a seamless, hassle free manner.  Our commitment to you, the customer, is to responsibly perform our work in a professional manner that exhibits knowledge, courteous behavior, responsive service and careful attention to detail. 


Events Services Team

Mary Ann Torres, CMM, Director of Event Management & Business Analysis;; 215-418-4785

Elizabeth Hogan, CMP, Senior Event Manager;; 215-418-4853

Daniel Hammel, Senior Event Manager;; 215-418-4739

Bella DiSilvestro, Senior Event Manager;; 215-418-4873

Michael Mwaniki, Event Manager;; 215-418-4782

Ryan Stephano, Event Manager;; 215-418-4736

Sean Cammon, Event Coordinator/Admin Assistant;; 215-418-4737

Leroy McCuff; CAD Technician;; 215-418-4852


Event Technology

The Event Technology Department coordinates all requests for internet (wired and wireless), telecommunications, and in-house audio / visual services.

We coordinate and optimize systems for the most cost effective solution. Our internal technology team is experienced in delivering large, complex show networks.

We specialize in audio visual services ranging from standard meeting room equipment and peripherals to small and midsize productions. Our full-time staff has intimate experience in the facility and is extremely knowledgeable about its trade labor guidelines. Our onsite presence allows us to quickly address any last-minute event needs.

Additionally, we offer several sponsorship opportunities via our cell phone charging stations, way finding kiosks and affixed digital signage which could offer an additional revenue stream for any event and capitalize on your traffic flow.

Please contact Event Technology at 215-418-4800 or by email if you have any questions related to any of the above services.

Digital Signage

Maximize your exposure by displaying your company’s services to more than 1.5 million visitors throughout the Convention Center. Digital signage is an exciting way for advertisers to boost revenues, and further their branding efforts. Our digital signage packages include meeting room high-definition flat-panel monitors and a Video Wall in our Broad Street Atrium – more information on this service is available in our 2024 Event Digital Signage Services Kit 


Mobile Device Charging Stations

Charging Kiosks are capable of re-charging most major handheld devices and cell phones. Each Kiosk has branding/sponsorship opportunities. The Charging Kiosks are an invaluable service to attendees and allow you to showcase your brand message to more than 1 million visitors. The Kiosks are located throughout the Convention Center.  For information, please review the Cell Phone-Charging Information.

Food & Beverage Services

Aramark Culinary Services is the exclusive provider of Food & Beverage services at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. With a $4 million upgrade to our kitchen, exhibit hall concession operations and Overlook Café Food Court, the Convention Center offers a new array of options focusing on quality and service. Our Culinary Services department features a talented culinary team, innovative techniques and a dedicated pastry chef creating delicious desserts in-house.

Aramark’s Culinary Services 

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services are provided through the Pennsylvania Convention Center. For information, please review the Plan of Operations.

Rigging Services

The Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority is the exclusive provider of rigging services throughout the facility. Please email to arrange pre-rigging for your event. ‚Äč

PCC Rigging Services Order Form and Estimate Packet Rev

PCC Rigging Guidelines and Regulations

PCC Rigging Check List


All customers are responsible for providing Security within their leased space. For your convenience, the Plan of Operations offers more information on this requirement and a list of approved security contractors.