As an exhibitor, can I unload my own vehicle?

Yes, regardless of booth size and as long as it is not a commercially registered vehicle.

Can we open boxes and stock our shelves?

Exhibitors and customers may open boxes, stock shelves, distribute and set product, set-up, place plug in, hang from hooks product and literature within the booth space. 

As an exhibitor, do I have the right to install displays in my booth?

  • Exhibitors can set-up and/or tear-down a booth without booth size limitation if they own all materials within the booth and are full-time employees of the company. 
  • Exhibitors may perform work on their own display equipment after the initial set-up and/or for maintenance.

As an exhibitor, can I also work in my booth if I hire show labor (stagehands) to install my booth?

Yes, if they are full-time employees of the company without booth size limitation.

I am an exhibitor coming in for an event and I was wondering if I can set up my personally owned TV monitor with DVD player?

Exhibitors and their full-time employees can install monitors and A/V equipment that is not rented without booth size limitation.

Can I hire an outside AV vendor for rental equipment?

If you are using 3rd party vendor other than the preferred AV vendor for your event, additional costs may be incurred.

As an exhibitor, can I set up my own computers?

  • Yes, exhibitors may set up personally owned computers without booth size limitation that are not for public use.
  • All rented equipment would require show labor to install and dismantle.

My booth will have stem lighting can I install them myself?

  • Exhibitors have the right to install your own lighting without booth size limitation.
  • Lights must be installed by a full-time employee of the exhibitor and they cannot be provided by a rental company or 3rd party.
  • Lighting provided by a 3rd party will be installed and dismantled by show labor (electricians). They must be UL/NEC compliant.
  • In all booths where an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) or decorator is utilized, show labor (electricians) must install all light fixtures, lit signage, and stem lights.

As an exhibitor, can I run my own cords in my booth?

  • An exhibitor can run cords without booth size limitation along the drape line or behind a display.
  • All exhibitor extension cords must be grounded 3-wire 12 gauge UL listed approved cords. Taping across the floor is not permitted. 
  • Any cords installed under flooring will be installed by show labor (electricians).

Can I disconnect my battery from a vehicle in my booth?

Batteries shall be disconnected and reconnected by show labor (electricians) regardless of booth size.

Am I able to use a step ladder and power tools in my booth?

Subject to building safety guidelines you are permitted to use ladders up to 6' and power tools (including battery operated) without booth size limitation.