Doing Business with PCC


The Pennsylvania Convention Center/ SMG Purchasing Department is a partner with the local business community and seeks to obtain goods, services and consultants that ensure the seamless operation of the Convention Center. For more information, please contact the PCC/SMG Purchasing Department at 215-418-4796 or 215-418-4790 or by email.

The Convention Center offers a Vendor Management Portal to streamline the registration process for prospective bidders. 

Click here to register for our Vendor Management Portal.

For instructions on registering through the vendor portal, please watch the video below. 

This video will give instructions to allow you to register as a vendor with PCC / SMG within minutes.


PCC purchases whose total amount exceed $25,000 will be listed, as needed. 

Requests for Proposals

The Pennsylvania Convention Center regularly issues request for proposals (RFPs) and posts them on our website. All RFPs are available in PDF format.

Please check back periodically for updates to this page and, if you have any questions regarding these or any other vending opportunities, email us.

For all RFPs, please download the following PDFs as well as any PDFs associated with your project.

Air Handler Renovation Bid

Arch Flash Study

Overhead Door Replacement - Exhibit Hall

RFP - Design Build Video Wall Broad Street

RFP for Security Services - 2017

RFQ for Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract

Request for Qualification

PCC requests for qualifications will be set forth to determine if firms are qualified for a particular project. Will be listed, as needed.