Below are frequently asked questions. If your answer is not found below, please contact a team member:

Event Services at 215-418-4850 or by email

Show Services at 215-418-4800 or by email

Contractor Services at 215-418-2032 or by email

If I drive to the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC), will I be allowed to unload my car?

Yes, a PCC customer can unload their personally-owned vehicle (POV) from the loading dock area as long as it does not have commercial tags, lettering or advertising on the vehicle.  Any vehicle that is not commercially registered can be unloaded by you at the PCC.

Am I restricted to only one trip from my personal vehicle?

No, you may make as many trips as necessary to unload your POV. There is no restriction on the amount of trips it takes to unload your vehicle. The show-appointed decorator may have a time limit for POV’s at the loading dock you must check with them for this information.

Am I restricted to only what I can carry in my arms?

No, you may use your own equipment, including but not limited to carts, dollies, luggage carriers and two- to four-wheel hand trucks. No motorized or hydraulic devices are allowed.

What can my volunteers do?

Your volunteers may register your attendees at registration. Your volunteers may direct attendees, exhibitors and guests throughout the facility. Your volunteers may help to stuff your giveaway bags and carry them individually to registration.

What can I do in my 600-square foot booth?

You or your other full-time staff can set up and tear down your display, hang graphics and signage and install floor coverings.

What signage may I set up myself?

Any full-time employee of show management may place, move and/or remove all of the easels or sign cards or both that they wish. Once the signs and easels have been dropped off to show management, your staff members may move them to the appropriate locations throughout the building.

I am bringing many computers, monitors, printers and such items into the building. We are using them for registration, show management offices, our cyber café and show management booths. Is my IT staff allowed to come in and set up my computers?

Exhibitors and Show Managements fulltime employees of their company and may set up and connect computers, tablets and all computer components and any required low voltage power supply equipment for non-public use ( 600 sq ft or less Booth space). This right shall apply to computers, tablets and computer components that are owned by the Exhibitors and Management that are not supplied by a rental company or third party.(All registration computers shall be unpacked, set and re-packed by electricians. Except: One to two personally-owned registration computers may be set by show management with full time staff.) Public use computer and tablets, such as cyber cafes, exhibiting booth space and meeting rooms, would require the use of Labor to Install and dismantle.

Is wireless internet available in all areas of the center?

The Pennsylvania Convention Center has the ability to provide wireless internet access in all meeting rooms, exhibit halls, ballrooms, the Grand Hall, the Broad Street Atrium and all concourses and foyer spaces. The applicable charges associated with wireless internet access can be discussed with a member of our Show Services Department.

Is there free wireless internet at the Pennsylvania Convention Center?

Complimentary/free wireless is provided on all concourses and in the Overlook Café area.

What wireless protocols does your network support?

We support 802.11 dual band: a, b, g, and n protocols.

Can my attendees purchase wireless through your network?

Currently, attendees cannot purchase wireless on an individual basis through our wireless network.

How many devices does a wireless access point support in meeting rooms?

Our wireless design will support the maximum amount of attendees per room.

If I order a hard line for internet access, is it secure? Will I be on a shared network?

If you order a hardline it is secure and exclusive to you. We provide secure bandwidth with no network sharing.

Is labor additional for internet or telecom services?

Internet and tlecom pricing is to the first device.  If you are purchasing services for multiple devices there may be additional costs, please discuss with your show services representative.

Who runs additional data cabling?

The installation of additional data cabling is handled through Utilities at 215-418-2190 or [email protected] The Show Services Department will coordinate the installation of your initial drop only.

I have a radio station that requires an ISDN line. Is this something you can provide?

If the radio station cannot use an internet or phone line to facilitate their live broadcast, then an ISDN circuit would need to be ordered through a local telephone carrier. The carrier would install the line in our MDF and our technicians would extend the line to the requested location. Please note there is a cost associated with extending an ISDN line.

Can we open boxes and place our own literature in meeting rooms and our work area?

Show management may open boxes, stock shelves, distribute literature excluding the movement of product and literature in bulk.

Can I set up my personally owned screen and laptop for a demonstration?

Yes, you may setup your tripod screen and computer on the show floor in a booth 600 sq. ft. or less, however a fast fold screen will require labor.

AV equipment to be set up in a meeting room would require Stagehand labor for set up, removal and operating of equipment.

Any sound systems such as microphones, mixers, external speakers, etc. will require labor.