We offer a monitored and protected Convention Center at all times.

We know how important safety is to you, your leadership and attendees. We share with you your interest in providing a safe environment in which to meet and network. To this end, rest assured that our security and safety personnel are highly trained in disaster preparedness and emergency response procedures.

Surrounding the Pennsylvania Convention Center are several highly regarded hospitals and emergency treatment centers. Our local fire department is second to none in its responsiveness and our on-site police substation provides immediate access to this honorable force. Our in-house security staff works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure rapid and smooth communication.

Many of our groups are interested in establishing a relationship between their safety officials and ours to ensure a comprehensive communications link and thorough understanding of one another’s safety measures. We welcome these conversations and will be proactive in establishing this communication to the satisfaction of all parties.

Here are some tips and information that may be helpful in the planning of your event: 

  • Hire additional uniformed security guards or police officers to give your attendees a sense of comfort while they are away from home. (Place by registration or entrance of show.)
  • Review with your show management staff the layout of the building to assist your attendees in the event of an evacuation.
  • Make sure your registration staff is trained and alert for any last minute on-site registrants. Check identification badges to ensure accuracy.
  • Encourage your attendees to wear their show badge whenever they are in the Convention Center.
  • Back up your current registration file each night onto a disk and remove it from the building.
  • Designate a location for your show management staff to meet away from the Convention Center, in the event the Convention Center has to be evacuated. (Designate a hotel you are using that is at least four blocks away from the Convention Center.)
  • Our local news radio station is KYW 1060-AM, a 24-hour news service.

Should you have any questions about our security programs as they relate to your upcoming event or if you need any assistance in determining your security or medical needs, please feel free to contact us. 

Emergency Procedures

With five to 65,000 people participating in a tradeshow, convention, expo or meeting on any given day, the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority is extremely diligent when it comes to the safety of our guests. Please familiarize yourself with our emergency procedures below.

Evacuation Plan

Familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Note all emergency exits in your area. The key to a successful evacuation is for everyone to remain calm. In the event that evacuation is necessary, you will be informed via a voice-recorded message advising you to proceed to the nearest exit. If you are assisting in the evacuation of your show attendees and exhibitors, make sure they are instructed to leave by way of the nearest exit in a calm and orderly fashion. Physically challenged guests should be escorted to the nearest fire exit and the command station must be notified, via house phone at ext. 4911 or nearest security personnel, of the exact location of the individual so that the Fire Department could be notified for retrieval of the individual.

Fire – Code Red

If a fire is suspected, contact the Command Station at 215-418-4911 or via the beige house phones at ext. 4911. Give the location and extent of the suspected fire. The Command Station will dispatch Security and Engineering and will call the Fire Department. The Command Station will also notify the Emergency Response Leaders, who will be in touch with Show Management. If evacuation is necessary, see evacuation plan above.

Medical Emergency – Code Green

If there is an injured person or someone who needs medical attention, identify yourself to the individual, if possible, and obtain as much information as possible from him/her. Contact the Command Station, via the beige house phone at ext. 4911. Relay information to the Command Station. The Command Station will either contact the show EMS or the Philadelphia Fire Department Rescue Unit. It is important that you know where you are so medical attention may be rendered as quickly as possible. Do Not Call 911.

Bomb Threat – Code Black

When a call is received, try to keep the caller on the line for as long as possible in order to obtain sufficient information. Try to be calm when speaking to the caller. After a threat has been made and the call has been terminated, call the Command Station at 215-418-4911. DO NOT use your radio since the frequency of a two-way radio could trigger the device. Pagers as well as cell phones should also be turned off. Command Station will call the police and notify the Emergency Response Team. The Emergency Response Team will be in touch with Show Management. If evacuation is necessary, see the evacuation plan above.

Civil Disturbances

If you see protestors or witness a civil disturbance, notify the PCCA Command Station via the beige colored house phone at ext. 4911. The Command Station will notify security personnel and the appropriate management staff to report to your location. Command Station will also notify the Philadelphia Police Department, Security Services, and will meet with appropriate Show Management and advise them of the situation.