Education and Training for Youths and Adults

The Pennsylvania Convention Center each year contributes significant funds toward training future hospitality professionals through programs at Philadelphia Academies Inc., Mercy Career and Technical High School, and Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC). The annual contributions support qualified individuals interested in joining the region’s robust hospitality and tourism industry.


Here is the impact of the investment:

  • Philadelphia OIC Hospitality and Training Institute, celebrating over 30 years in the industry, has trained more than 5,200 people for roles in hospitality and tourism. Their successful program leads to a remarkable 84% job placement rate for graduates. To learn more about Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center click here.
  • Philadelphia Academies Inc. boasts a 90% college attendance from graduates, with 7 % entering the workforce, 2 % attending a trade school, and 1 % joining the military. To learn more about Philadelphia Academies Inc. click here.
  • Mercy Career and Technical High School offers a comprehensive academic, career, and technical school experience preparing students for the workforce and post-secondary education. Seven career and technical education programs are currently offered at Mercy with over 88% of recent graduates earning their industry-recognized license or certification for their career and technical education program. To learn more about Mercy Career and Technical High School click here.