PA Convention Center will #LightItUpBlue for Autism Awareness Month

On April 2, the Convention Center will turn its Broad Street lights blue

PHILADELPHIA - The Pennsylvania Convention Center will turn its 475 LED lights on Broad Street blue on Monday, April 2 for World Autism Awareness Day. Taking a cue from Autism Speaks’ #LightItUpBlue campaign, the Convention Center is seeking increase understanding, acceptance, and awareness of autism.

Across the globe throughout the month of April - which is World Autism Awareness Month -- individuals, companies, and organizations are showing their support to help raise awareness for one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders.

“We are proud to offer support for causes like Autism Awareness in such a large-scale, visual manner,” said John J. McNichol, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  “As one of the city’s prominent public entities, we believe it is important to demonstrate our support for the community and social responsibility.  Our LED lights are programmable and we take care to use them as part of our community partnership activities and to support local and national initiatives.”

The Convention Center alters the colors and designs of the LED lights along its Broad Street entrance to add flavor to citywide events and conventions, as well as to support charitable causes throughout the year. They also contribute as general outdoor lighting on Broad Street to assist in community projects.

Over the course of the last year, the building’s front facade has turned pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, teal for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in November, and a red, white and blue flag design to celebrate Independence Day.  Like most of the City of Philadelphia, the lights turned midnight green during the Philadelphia Eagles’ campaign to win the Super Bowl this year.