Kelvin D. Moore, CMP, SMG Regional General Manager at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC), sits down with the PHL Diversity Podcast to discuss his new role in promoting Philadelphia as a top U.S. meetings destination.

Moore’s vision is to further PCC’s global reputation as a leader in customer service. Arriving to Philadelphia from Festival Hall at Navy Pier in Chicago, his valuable “outsider’s perspective” will be instrumental in creating new opportunities.

During the interview, Moore lays out a personal thesis for winning and retaining business, anecdotally sharing stories from early in his career. While he admits the tactical execution of large-scale events has changed, the key to keeping the customer happy is leveraging the strength of partners across the hospitality industry.

Although Philadelphia’s hospitality industry is more competitive than ever, the PCC has a strategic advantage because of longstanding community relationships and new technological upgrades that will help keep the building competitive and attractive to future customers.

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